ASA Rosters

ASA Rosters are due by Thursday September 27, 2019. They can either be emailed to [email protected] or faxed to 780-461-1745. Any changes may be made at Headquarters up until your first game. No changes may be made to your roster after you have played your first game. If you have guest players, please remember to email the letter of permission from their coach.

Players Cards

Player Cards are not required for this tournament. However in case we need proof of age please ensure ID is available upon request.


For team traveling from out of town please click this link to find the best deals in town.

Game Sheets

Game sheets are to be printed off your for each of your games once your team roster has been entered. If you are not able to print them off, please make sure that the ASA roster has been submitted, payment made and your team list entered.


Headquarters is located in the south center meeting room which is on the right hand side in the front foyer. Headquarters will be open one hour prior to and a half hour after the last game of the day.

Facility Passes

There is no admission fee during the tournament. If parents would like, they may purchase their passes during the tournament to avoid the line ups at the beginning of the season!

Stats Info

Stats will be posted on-line at

Medal Presentations

Medal presentations will take place immediately after your last game on the far side by the concession area. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be given out.

We wish your team the "Best of Luck".

Play well, play fair and have fun!

Mill Woods Midnight Madness


South Soccer Centre #09
6520 Roper Road
South Soccer Centre #10
6520 Roper Road
South Soccer Centre #11
6520 Roper Road
South Soccer Centre #12
6520 Roper Road