Midnight Madness U13-U19 9 vs 9 Edmonton Soccer Dome

U13-U19 indoor boardless soccer is governed by FIFA/IFAB Laws of the Game www.theifab.com/laws/latest/about-the-laws with the following modifications and competition rules for the indoor game. For administrative rules please see tournament rules.

Law 1 The Field of Play

The field size is determined by the facility used and marked accordingly.

Law 3 The Players

A Match is played by two teams, each with a maximum of:

• 9 players one must be the goalkeeper.

There is a maximum of twenty (20) players may be dressed by each team in any game. Unlimited substitutions shall be allowed.

No players may be added or alterations made to the game sheet after the commencement of the second half.

Law 5 The Referee

Two ASA registered Referee for each scheduled game will be assigned. Games may proceed with 1 official.

Law 7 The Duration of the Match

A match lasts for two equal halves of 25 minutes There is no allowance for time lost. Teams must have a minimum of 6 players to start the game. A game shall be declared valid if, in the referee's estimation, at least 2/3 of the game has lapsed.

Law 9 The Ball in and out of Play

The ball is out of play when it touches the ceiling. Restart: Throw-in to the opponents of the player who last touched the ball, at the touchline closest to where the ball touched the ceiling.

Law 11-Off Sides

Law 11- Off Sides- Non boarded teams will play with Off Sides like outdoor soccer

Law 12 Fouls and Misconduct

Players receiving 2 yellow or 1 red will need to leave the playing area and sit with spectators. Teams do not play short handed. Receiving a red card is an automatic 1 game suspension.

Spitting on the field is a sending off offense. (Team is not reduced in numbers on the field). No further discipline is applied.

Law 13 Free Kicks

Until the ball is in play all opponents must remain at least 5 yards from the ball, unless they are on their own goal line between the goalposts. Indirect and Direct kicks apply (outdoor rules)

The Goalkeeper:

The Goalkeeper can use their hands inside the penalty area and is allowed to kick or throw the ball past half.

Mill Woods Midnight Madness


South Soccer Centre #09
6520 Roper Road
South Soccer Centre #10
6520 Roper Road
South Soccer Centre #11
6520 Roper Road
South Soccer Centre #12
6520 Roper Road