Guest Players - Click on the following link to download form: (coming soon)

Suspended players and team officials are not permitted on or about the field of play nor can they attend other functions representing their team during the Tournament.

  • Trialists/Guest Players do not require player cards.
  • Form must be given to referee prior to the game & submitted along with the game sheets to tournament HQ.
  • A written permission letter is also acceptable in place of this form. All information below must be included in the letter.

GUEST PLAYER RULES & REGULATIONS: Each team is permitted a maximum of three guest players during the tournament. To be eligible, these players must be playing as an ASA registered player on an indoor team and must meet the following categories:

Tier 1–3: can only be from a lower age / lower category or lower division as the age group of the receiving team’s tournament category in order to be registered on that team’s roster with written approval as noted below;

All guest player(s) must have written approval from their original team with signatures from their original team as well as their tentative tournament team. Coaches are also asked to keep a copy of the written permission letter with them during all games of the tournament.

Guest players must NOT increase the team’s roster above the original number of registered players. A guest player must only replace a registered player of the team that cannot attend the tournament.

EMSA guest players can only come from within the same zone (for example Mill Woods Zone to Mill Woods Zone). Non EMSA or out of district teams can only use guest players from their own association or district.

PLEASE NOTE: Absolutely NO player registrations will be approved at the tournament HQ – please ensure you have enough team players prior to entering this competition.

Mill Woods Midnight Madness


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